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In addition to the revenue offered through the Google AdSense revenue sharing program, we also offer several Cash and Gift awards to
members who post and share valuable content with us on

Cash awards will be accumulated in your profile and will be paid to you in the form of demand draft or bank transfer when it reaches the minimum pay out amount.

If your earnings are less Rs 50, it may not appear here.

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Member NameNumber of GiftsCash CreditsPaymentsBalance
z i n ! paya21Rs 2822Rs 2700Rs 122
Paresh Gujarati19Rs 2061Rs 2100Rs -39
hinal15Rs 1938Rs 1100Rs 838
Pritan13Rs 1698Rs 1600Rs 98
Deepika9Rs 1321Rs 800Rs 521
chetan markande8Rs 849Rs 800Rs 49
Sashwato Chatterjee6Rs 534Rs 400Rs 134
Srinivasan5Rs 431Rs 400Rs 31
Mr.Bhavesh5Rs 197Rs 300Rs -103
Nilesh Patel4Rs 185Rs 0Rs 185
chintan3Rs 200Rs 0Rs 200
Contest Writer3Rs 118Rs 0Rs 118
Vishal Gabani2Rs 162Rs 0Rs 162
Hiren Patel2Rs 108Rs 0Rs 108
Abhishek2Rs 23Rs 0Rs 23
Umang shah2Rs 6Rs 0Rs 6
govindsingh chauhan2Rs 12Rs 0Rs 12
Krishna Basu2Rs 107Rs 0Rs 107
krishnaraj jadav2Rs 25Rs 0Rs 25
viral narsinhbhai titodiya2Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Taher Parawala1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
SKP1Rs 48Rs 0Rs 48
Shaikh Izaj Ahmed1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
shahid1Rs 10Rs 0Rs 10
Sam1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
Kumaraditya Sarkar1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
kunal k modh1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Lalit1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Prashant1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Manish Jain1Rs 12Rs 0Rs 12
Namita1Rs 8Rs 0Rs 8
Ravindra1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
prakash1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Nisha1Rs 15Rs 0Rs 15
Santosh Kumar Singh1Rs 3Rs 0Rs 3
Mayur Oza1Rs 10Rs 0Rs 10
H!N@L Munshi1Rs 5Rs 0Rs 5
HR1Rs 18Rs 0Rs 18
NVGanesan1Rs 9Rs 0Rs 9
Joymeh1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
amit vadodariya1Rs 2Rs 0Rs 2
arpan1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
Amin1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1
bhavin patel1Rs 1Rs 0Rs 1

Total Cash Credits: Rs 12,969.00

Awaiting Release

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