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    Which is the best city to live a life in Gujarat?

    People need to relocate to other location in this country due to Job or business purpose or any other reason. So I want to know best city to live a life in Gujarat. Best city in terms of life Style, cost of living, safety, good environment and more job or business opportunities.
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  • It differs from person to person. Because all the peoples having their different mind set. So, you can not get the proper idea about the shortlisting of the best cities in the Gujarat.

    Best city in terms of life Style
    It is dependent on the nature of the person. If you are very much interested to enjoying by spending your time with your friends then you have to choose the Ahmadabad, Baroda and Rajkot city. In this city there are new generation that is used to enjoy themselves with friends.

    Best city in terms of cost of living
    Now a days the prices of all the item is going higher and higher. But from the my point of view the mega cities have more rent of the house compare to the small city so you can chose cities like; Morbi and Gondal.

    Best city in terms of safety and good environment and more job or business opportunities
    Ahmadabad is the best city for you to live in the best environment and for best job opportunity. So, you should go with the Ahmadabad.

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    I've read the book and really enjoyed Google it.

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