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    How to file RTI against any person/organization?

    In 2005, Government of India has passed bill about Right to Information (RTI) Act and according to which one can get information of any government person or body by paying some nominal fee along with application form. I want to know what is the right procedure to apply for RTI? What is the fee and where do we go for filing RTI in Gujarat?
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  • As per Right to Information (RTI) 2005 act, person can request to Information commission to know about government activity. This information is provided by Public Information Officers (PIO).

    As per RTI act, RTI applicant cannot know all the information whatever he/she want. There are some exclusion in this. Exclusion is given in official site. Website address is given below.

    Now let me come to your query.

    Right procedure to apply for RTI
    As per Gujarat Information Commission, procedure to apply for RTI is as below.

    (1) Application can be done using form 'K' or by writing on plain paper in local official language or English or Hindi.
    (2) Applicant needs to specify particulars of information that what kind of information applicant wants.
    (3) Information can be send by direct application by going to PIO office or by postal application.
    (4) Pay fees. It may be prescribed.

    There are different PIO as per different government departments. So information seeker needs to file RTI with respective department. List of department can be found from official site.

    Time taken to get information.
    (1) Information can be received in 30 days within application.
    (2) If it is related to life of person and Independence then within 48 hour.
    (3) If applicant cannot receive application within 30 days or information is partial, then applicant can contact PIO. If PIO is unable to reply then applicant can contact Gujarat Ayog.

    What is the fee?
    Application Fees
    (1) It is mentioned in act that application fee must be reasonable. Application fee is Rs. 20.
    (2) There is no fee for the people who are living below the poverty line.
    (3) If additional fee is required, then it must be informed in writing with calculation details of fee figure to applicant.

    Application fees can be paid by Cash, DD, Indian postal order, Pay order, Revenue stamp and by many other options.

    Gujarat Information Commission
    1st Floor, Bureau of Economics & Statistics Building,
    Sector -18, Gandhinagar - 382 010, Gujarat
    Phone :- +91 79 232 52706, 52701
    FAX :- +91 79 232 52829
    Email :- gscic[at]gujarat[dot]gov[dot]in

    Central RTI Site:

    Above information is given as per official RTI sites.

    With Best Regards,
    Nilesh Patel

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