How to Reduce Stress

As the present age is full of commitments, hectic routines and tight schedules, we have to face the Stress somehow at some point of time during out life span. Our life is becoming so fast and comprising with so many things at a time it creates Stress on us while failing to meet some of these things or commitments or goals whatever you may call. To remove the stress at all seems quite difficult at first glance but if can manage the things with smart and logical work schedules we can get relief to some extent

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The tactics that may help to reduce stress are outline as under:

1. When you are going to prepare work schedule for specific timeframe keep in mind the fact that the entire slot of 24 hours a day comprises of three basic categories. The first slot is the sleeping hours, which generally occupies 7 to 9 hours a day and this is the most important time slot because it relates to the rest to our body and what we do during the rest of the day is depends on this. Second, the hours for breakfast, lunch, dinner and nature's call which covers 1 to 2 hours depends on our physical status and requirements of our body, this slot is also vital as it directly relates to our health and physical existence; and the most important third one is activity hours, which covers 7 to 12 or sometimes more than 12. The overlapping of these three partitions within each other may create stress in our mind so carefully partition the hours for these three categories as per our basic requirements.

2. Do not make too many commitments to others that seems unrealistic and beyond your capacity to fulfil. Because when some of our commitment are not fulfilling it creates some stress on our mind. So be careful while making commitments to others.

3. Life is not for works and commitments only. There has to keep spare time in your entire day schedule for family and other social obligations.

4. Funny and light moments during the activity may make the stress light and keep you constant energetic towards the work. So catch a funny and light moments during your activity time as and when time allowed.

5. Develop a habit to say clear NO to future commitments when its fulfilment is unrealistic and beyond your rich. Here No means clearer No without any excuse or scope.

6. Identity your strengths and weaknesses with respect to your routine works and responsibilities and depute that specific tasks to others, if possible, in which you seem weaknesses to perform at your side. Because long time performing the tasks where you are weak to do so will create some sort of stress in your mind.

7. Keep in touch with nature and surrounding greeneries at least once in a day this will help to revitalize your mind greatly.
Never think that the world will collapse if some urgent commitments cannot fulfilled in time. Reschedule some important portion of the work on next day if time permits.

8. Do not take important decision and make commitments when you are in tense state, because decision and commitments in tense situation will create more stress upon you.

9. Morning walk before sunrise not only energize your body but it will help to prepare the tentative schedule in mind for the entire day with fresh mood.

10. Spend at least few minutes among the Nature. Studies and Researches shown that when you spend your time with Nature so many of our body complications may resolve automatically.

11. Wake up early morning before sunrise and stand up in the direction of sunrise just before the moments of sunrise and see how the Sun rising slowly while chanting Gayatri Mantra in the mind till the Sun completely rise out. This will help to re-energize you entirely.


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